Statement of KIP PAN on the Russian invasion of Ukraine


     The Production Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences is watching the aggression of Russia against the sovereign state of Ukraine with horror and pain. It seems unbelievable that in Europe, so affected by wars throughout its history, at a time when global problems require the cooperation of Nations, a destructive war may occur, bringing death and destruction. As people of science, we especially value peaceful cooperation and mutual assistance, we respect cultural and religious diversity, we believe that all problems between states should be resolved through peaceful negotiations, with respect for international law. The Production Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences stands in solidarity with the People of Ukraine in these difficult days and calls for a swift return to a peaceful coexistence.   
The world of science cannot be indifferent to evil. To remain silent is to relativize this evil. Even if we contribute only to a small degree to the change the mind of the aggressor, and even if it does not matter at all, it is worth doing for the  sake of our mission.
The Production Engineering Committee:

- condemns the Russian aggression against sovereign Ukraine and calls on Russia to immediately cease hostilities and withdraw its troops to the Russian territory,

- urges the Russian scientific community to diligently and decisively use its influence, media power, knowledge potential and public respect in its continuous work to restore peace,

- appeals to Polish universities and local governments to provide comprehensive support to Ukrainian students, also  to all other Ukrainian citizens who will find themselves in Poland in this difficult time,

- appeals to the international scientific community to support Ukrainian scientists in the development of their scientific potential for the benefit of science and the economy of Ukraine.   

The Production Engineering Committee believes that we should all unite for the sake of respect for peace, for the truth, for the sake of defending those values of our civilization that are important for the future of a Human and the Earth. 


Production Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Lublin, February 25, 2022