The activity of the Production Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences consists in: (1) research and studies on the (computer-aided) design, improvement, and management of the production systems and processes, taking into account technical, organizational, praxeological, economic, social, ergonomic, environmental and other aspects; (2) standard development and review of training programmes related to Production Engineering; (3) elaboration of expert studies and scientific working papers; (4) consulting in the field of quality, occupational safety, logistics, innovation, and productivity; (5) popularisation of knowledge related to contemporary Production Engineering.

The following main research areas of the members and experts of the Production Engineering Committee may be identified:

Organisation and management of production, services, and enterprises

  • • production organisation and management
  • • service, auxiliary process, and product-service system organisation and management
  • • production preparation organisation and management
  • • supply chain and logistics organisation and management
  • • stock and materials management
  • • asset management and machinery maintenance
  • • planning and forecasting in enterprises
  • • project management in production and services
  • • quality engineering and risk management
  • • labour organisation and efficiency (individual and collective)
  • • ergonomics, occupational safety, and work environment design
  • • enterprise efficiency and productivity,
  • • engineering economics and cost analysis

Digitalisation and automation of production processes

  • • IT systems supporting production and enterprise management
  • • computer-aided manufacturing processes
  • • production system modelling and design
  • • production digitalization and computer-based enterprise integration
  • • smart production systems
  • • decision support systems

Advanced industrial technologies

  • • selected problems in manufacturing process engineering
  • • application of Industry 4.0 technologies
  • • sustainable development, green production, circular economy
  • • product and production system evaluation
  • • environmental orientation of production
  • • technology transfer and commercialization
  • • knowledge and technology management, technology assessment

The listed areas are constantly complemented by new ideas and the practical application possibilities. Production Engineering problematics is a subject of a fast change. The socio-economic revolution fuelled by the technological developments affects this field of knowledge and industrial practice in a particularly strong manner.