Program for the years 2024-2027

1. Development of the knowledge base in the areas of:

  • production management,
  • service management,
  • project management.

Structure of the knowledge base: subject - sources of knowledge (books, publications, journals, case studies published on the web, etc.). Form: a web bookmark on the KIP PAN website with supplementary information.

2. Preparation of a study on: "Production engineering needs of manufacturing companies in the 2030 perspective".

3. Initiating and introducing as a series in the on-line format a panel discussion: "International cooperation in manufacturing engineering - challenges".

4. Continued cooperation with industrial enterprises in the analysis of current problems and their joint solution.

5. Participation of Section members in the International Conference of Students and Young Scientists ICSYS'22 - assisting doctoral candidates in the appropriate profiling of their ongoing research and doctoral theses. Section working meeting to discuss tasks to be carried out.

6. Promotion of journals by Section members in their communities and during national and international conferences and other trips abroad: Management and Production Engineering Review (MPER), Business Management and Applied Computer Science (ACS).