1. No less than 2 meetings each calendar year (stationary or remote)
  2. Analysis of the current situation, standards and directions of development and preparation of a survey on digitization of production in enterprises
  3. Developing expert opinions and scientific opinions on the digitization of production
  4. Support for the following magazines: Management and Production Engineering Review(MPER) and Zarządzanie Przedsiębiorstwem by promoting them in our respective communities, encouraging publishing or preparing reviews of articles
  5. Conducting activities that popularize knowledge about the digitization of production in cooperation with the Polskie Stowarzyszenie Upowszechniania Wiedzy and companies implementing modern IT tools
  6. Cooperation with the industrial environment, including clusters, e.g. the Bydgoszcz IT Cluster, Industrial Cluster or the Wspólnota Wiedzy i Innowacji w Inżynierii Produkcji Cluster and the Polish Association for Knowledge Management (PSZW)
  7. Supporting the shaping of teaching curricula in the field of digitization of production
  8. Scientific cooperation between the members of the Section and their centres in order to implement joint scientific undertakings, e.g. joint research, projects, publications in journals or as part of the Special Issue
    All said activities will also take place in cooperation with the industrial community.