1. Cooperation with the editors of journals related to production engineering, in terms of exchange of information concerning the running of the following journals:

  • Management and Production Engineering Review (MPER) -  Prof. D. Sc. Eng. Adam Hamrol and  Marta Grabowska, PhD Eng.
  •  Enterprise Management -  D. Sc. Eng. Andrzej Jardzioch and D. Sc. Eng. Dariusz Plinta,
  • Agricultural Engineering - Prof. D. Sc. Eng. Maciej Kuboń and Prof. D. Sc. Eng. Sławomir Kocira,
  • Applied Computer Science (ACS) - D. Sc. Eng. Arkadiusz Gola,
  • Foundations of Management - Prof. D. Sc. Eng. Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska,
  • Technology and Automation of Assembly -  D. Sc. Eng. Katarzyna Antosz,
  • Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology - Organization and Management Series -  D. Sc. Eng. Katarzyna Hys.

2. Promoting Polish journals related to manufacturing engineering at meetings, workshops and conferences.

3. Supporting the activities of editors of scientific journals in the preparation of projects related to the acquisition of funds for development and empowerment.

4. Meetings of the Team members to exchange knowledge and experience related to the functioning of scientific journals in manufacturing engineering.